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Stellar Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage offering a variety of professional services for residential and commercial properties through our experienced staff of licensed brokers, realtors, and community association managers.

Our experienced staff of licensed brokers, realtors, and community association managers provides our customers with expert residential listings and sales, community association management, real estate investments, rental services and multifamily property management.

Also performed are national industrial site identification, evaluation and selection services including detailed examinations of labor, transportation, taxes, and total acquisition cost to ensure your business is located on the best site in the correct location for your long term profitability. We are ready to serve you with location analysis and site selection, evaluation and acquisition throughout the nation.


Started in 1997 as a real estate brokerage, Stellar Properties successfully conducted evaluations, site selection and transactions for industrial real property for corporate development nationally. It has since diversified and includes full commercial, industrial and residential real estate sales, title services, rental property management, real estate investments, and community association management for single and multi-family communities.


The Stellar Properties mission is to deliver to our clients the best real estate solutions in a professional, efficient, and timely manner. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and value to you.

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